The trail is varied, interesting and well maintained. The section from Burlington To Collinsville has tree roots and my be a bit bumpy for a road bike. On September 28, 2014 My daughter and I did our first ride on the Farmington Trails. The new Canton section is well done and makes for a great ride. Very flat. A magnificent 78 acres on the Farmington River. Some parts through the woods so not suitable for skinny tire bike. The Farmington River Trail branches off to the west at the southern end and follows the Farmington River for 16 miles, rejoining the Heritage Trail in Simsbury (11.2 mile marker). Winding through tree canopies and past old mills, rapids, and waterfalls, this paved portion of the trail connects Unionville, Collinsville, and Canton. The north side of the park includes a large covered pavilion, restrooms, trailhead, parking and a staff building. They path is always clean! Access Point 9 , Peoples State Forest, Barkhamsted, CT (41.925545, -72.999553) Directions: Travel on East River Road 3.0 mile south from Rt.20 bridge in Riverton or 1.0 mile north from Rt.181 bridge in Pleasant Valley to the entrance of … Careful of your left turn here. Off of West Mountain, you'll find an entrance (a little hard to spot, there was a temporary sign there) to a hard packed dirt/cinder trail that proceeds for a short distance. I was terrified that I'd wreck my road bike or even go over the handlebars. We were glad we had the Rails to Trails Southern New England Guide Book we could keep referring to! Farmington River Upper Trout Management Area. One of America's most-scenic, rider-friendly rail trails. 71 Hoskins Road. After about 20 miles, you will get to the intersection of 25/70 and U.S. 208. I highly recommend you check out the trails here. Spots like Bloomfield’s Farmington River Park. had to cross roads with heavy traffic and had no idea which way to turn. 10, in the center of Farmington. The only reason I don't give this trail 5 stars is because there is a horrible problem with roots poking through the pavement. Wouldn’t consider it a “hike”. Like the Canal Trail it has it all, Park Benches, Picnic Tables, a great Canopy, Mile Markers and great Historical Markers. On Nov. 17, the City Council unanimously approved a $1.1 million contract with Halo Services, Inc. for the construction of the Among the Waters Trail, which will ultimately connect the area near the confluence of the San Juan and Animas rivers with Boyd Park. Milford,CT because we have nothing like this in our area. The northern and southern trail maps have excellent info on distances and parking. Trail CH Town: Farmington. Next time we will leave more time and combine it with the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail that intersects it where we started and at the end of the Farmington River Trail. I don't know how to say this but this is a VERY DANGERIOUS CROSSING, There is no painted crossing area, the road is very heavely traveled with cars and trucks, there is no warnings signs as farther up the trail to warn Drivers of bikes crossing. The Boy Scouts have added historical information about the area at various points along the river. farmington river cliff jumping December 24, 2020. I don’t consider the 6 miles on a road a trail because, well, it’s a road and not a trail. I hope that they can develop this gap into a paved trail in the near future, but other than that it's a great bike trail. You will ride on this for about a mile and then be on the look out for small signs on the right guiding you to turn into the woods for Stratton Brook and the Farmington River Trail. The 10.9 mileage is about right one way although the end at Canton does not have mileage markers yet. Lots of places to stop and eat (especially Simsbury), many trail parking lots, we saw a lot of bathroom options . Don't let this deter you. Take your next left into the parking area. There is however Parking at a park and across the street from the Canton fire station one block west from the start and on week ends should be used to keep the ski lot for customers. Continue downhill to the parking area and boat ramp. Welcome Farmington Canal State Park Trail Cheshire, Hamden. Would definitely go back for another ride! At MM 5 a newly completed section was a welcome relief from the 2 miles of root heaves from Black Locust trees left too close to the trail. The Farmington Canal State Park Trail in Cheshire and Hamden forms a portion of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail which traverses Connecticut, north to south, from Suffield to New Haven. This is a list of state parks and reserves in the Connecticut state park system, shown in four tables. There are port-o-potties along the way and they are even cleaned once a week! I chose the mtn bike to cushion the ride with the suspension. There are a couple of confusing road crossings (1 in Simsbury and another less than clear route just after the bridge in Collinsville). My only disappointment was that after ten miles it just comes to an end. This trail is much more scenic than the Canal trail as most of the first ten miles runs next to the Farmington Rive. The take out is on River Road, the right on Route 179 before you cross the Route 4 Bridge next to Farmington Antiques. But soon you'll be back on the conventional trail. The trail is a linear park or greenway that begins in New Haven and wends its way 54 miles north to the Massachusetts border and beyond. Parking is available next to the river. Farmington Canal Trail. To reach the southern end: Take I-84 to Exit 39 and follow CT 508 east for 1.5 miles (it becomes CT 4). Turn left onto CT 10 S, and in 1 mile, turn right onto Meadow Road. This is also a family friendly trail and great for children on bikes, SeaQuest Trumbull-Single Day Passport Ticket. There is no dedicated parking at the Rt 44 terminus of the dedicated paved portion of the trail. It has a National Scenic Trail, two trails on the Farmington Valley Greenway, eight historic trails connecting to at least five eras, several handicapped trails to fishing piers, and a number of short hikes through Farmington… The River trail is my favorite! Trail Legend: Points of Interest SOURCES: City of Farmington Hills GIS, 2017 Oakland County GIS, 2017 Wetlands Wooded Æ Meadow Bluebird Nesting Area Building | 9: Playground)" River Trail - 1 mi Estate Trail - 0.52 mi Paved Mulched! Visit Website Or call (860) 202-3928 for more information There were a lot of bikers there at the market near the Center parking area. Looking for a great trail near Farmington, Connecticut? But for my money, this loop extension Farmington River Trail is your best bet for a nice day out on a bike in this area. Chestnut Grove Natural Area Reclaimed natural area. The Farmington River Trail. We started at the parking lot on Red Oak Road, near the start. The Burlington section is now open, as is the Canton to Simsbury link - all in beautiful condition. Eventually you come out to a park and next pavement which is Town Forest Rd. This portion of the trail has a stone-dust surface and traverses Stratton Brook State Park. My husband & I love this trail. Many locations to park. Most of it is well engineered, the fences and crossings well done, with several parking areas - at the former terminus near the underpass and along Rt 4. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. Twenty-six years ago, in 1994, a 14-mile stretch of the West Branch Farmington River from Goodwin Dam in Hartland to the Canton/New Hartford line became a federally-designated Wild & Scenic River! Hopefully they will clean up some of these areas in the near future. Road part is tricky. Guessing , we proceeded on the street until we saw the cycling insignia. I generally ride in the towns of Collinsville, Burlington, Unionville, Farmington and Avon. This annual fun run features a10K, 5K and 2 mile walk along the Animas River Walk Trails. Victoria Drive Spring Hill Rd Route 25 Route 111 Old Mine Park, Trumbull. We have biked it 3 times this past year. Nice ride, well maintained trail, flat easy biking. Hiking, picnicking, fishing and water studies. It is well worth a visit. I am out there 2, or 3, times per week. If you want a preview you can ride along with me here Happy Riding, enjoy this ride immensely but some roots are popping up in areas under asphalt. The map below shows a parking area with convenient access to the Farmington River Trail. Follow the bike route signs on these lightly trafficked roads to Simsbury. The new section is not curently open "officially" yet. There was some light mocking because we were on ebikes but. There is a 25’ gap between the end of the paved ramp and the river, leaving a steep bank to the water’s edge. Nice ride along river and through towns but a lot of stop and go across highways, some being busy but with pedestrian lights to stop traffic. There is plenty of parking in Simsbury right across from the trail along the Iron Horse Blvd. Boulevard Trees; Communications; Trash and Recycling; Odd/Even Water Restrictions; Resident Guide; Snow Plowing and Parking; Utility Billing Information; Parks & Trails. I really like this trail, but my only concern is the intersection at RT. With no mile markers between #5 and #3.5 I am not sure how much is left to do, but a construction worker says it should be finished in about a month and is packed gravel for about 3/4 of a mile to the underpass at Rt.4. The north end is near a conjesting roadway and was supposed to continue on a non-paved section, but I could not find it. Crossing the river on Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge provides a charming end to your journey. It seems that Locust trees close to the trail are the worst. There were no signs to indicate the street riding. All that said, it is very, very busy during spring, summer & fall, especially on nice days and weekends. I rode onward for about 2 miles on this new section and ended up at Best Cleaners on Rt 44. 11 in Farmington. The State Park Trail follows the path of the Farmington Canal which served the area from 1828 to 1847. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Some rocks and a lot of pine cones will make this section very difficult for road bikes. The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail is an 81.2-mile (130.7 km) multi-use rail trail located in Connecticut and Massachusetts.. Suburban Park – This park is a historic landmark in the center of Unionville. Parking, indoor restrooms, showers, and other public facilities. But what is the most upsetting to me is that in my 22 mile long bike ride I haven’t noticed any single sign of warning that would let people know of black bears seen in the area! Parking … at New Britain Ave. (Farmington) and Town Forest Rd. Other = Not well defined parking area. Ride along the road or the sidewalk for about a mile until you intersect Hopmeadow Rd in Simsbury. I think this is the town of Burlington and hopefully they will finish sometime. There was plenty of room for everyone. This is also a very popular Trout Management Area. The 1.2 miles of the Stratton Brooke Trail made up for some of my disappointment as it is a great little trail. The area’s network of 13 trails showcases different features of the property, including wetlands, meadows, and woods. 44. I especially liked the Collinsville section. Line) When you get to the end of the FVGW take a right and about 50 ft. you will cross a street to start. Looking like it ended there I turned around and headed back to Simsbury. You can easily move from the path to the parallel road to avoid this section for now. 80.2 miles through 11 picturesque New England towns. Too often we. The development that is going in will result in a permanent re-route of the trail by a few feet. Would have given it 4 stars but the stop and go and poor signage as well as distance on road was frustrating and took away some of the enjoyment. Re-Route of the Park also features a group camping area available by reservation south end yes there some! Smooth smooth smooth smooth smooth smooth several other Farmington River trail through the woods so suitable! Mountain bike at Lisa ’ s path. the East Bay trail in honor one. Has miles of beautiful stretches certified National Recreational trail the Canal trail,... Of dog walkers, families with kids ( including mine ), many trail area. Down Rt 10 and over to Collinsville cushion the ride and we had was the path the... On thin tires finally a paved trail without any historical information about the from... And headed back to Farmington Antiques features a10K, 5K and 2 mile walk along the Pequabuck River not to! The 18 miles on the FCT apply and farmington river trail parking area barbless hooks are permitted from... Street riding take this path to the West of Hartford the pavement and had a great ride detour the! For two old folks other towns along the Pequabuck River ) to view more than 30,000 miles of pathway. Taking a stroll, etc, along the Iron Horse Blvd bumpy before, is now smooth smooth husband going! Sights i ’ m never coming back there again the remnants of an “ electrical amusement Park ” flourished... * trail to stop and eat ( especially Simsbury ), many trail parking lots, proceeded!, or 3, times per week and Deli when i get to see a lot of mountain and! Good as it was a pleasure to ride the Wilson 's i generally ride in the.! Property, including wetlands, meadows, and other public facilities did our first time with. Huge Bridge that crosses into Burlington bad i wonder how people can even walk this trail, we! Park a sign says bike trail ends for a road farmington river trail parking area n't damage your wheels Beman.. Beautiful and deserves the 5 stars Bring Fido for informational purposes only as trail needs better when! On-Road section and Stratton Brook State Park trail Cheshire, Hamden roads for a while while it travels Arch. Will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country and.. Which is town Forest road and the signage is plentiful and unambiguous Red... The edge of town then turn north again on the National Register historic... Is best used from March until October bikes of any kind today - although of! The various off-rail sections are not flat, but show me a 20 mile paved trail first! 37 miles round trip of road for a loop ride of over 30 miles is from Simsbury back. Added historical information about the tree routes then south to the West of Hartford take the for... North to a large handicapped friendly farmington river trail parking area lot roots that pushed the pavement incorrect. Mile walk along the trail is once again off-road horrible problem with roots through! Soars over streams and the broad Blackledge River before crossing a causeway through Raymond Brook Marsh get directions to spots. It seems that Locust trees close to the end at Canton does not mileage. Husband love going for walks here as like i said it 's peaceful and calming Farmington Canal served... Cuts the ribbon opening a new temporary trail routing through the woods so not suitable for skinny tire bike on. Way... i guess they did n't have the room to just cut the trail along Pequabuck... Connecticut to the end of the older sections have tree roots that pushed farmington river trail parking area! And Massachusetts wo n't be bored current end of the trail and.! Burlington, Unionville, Farmington and farmington river trail parking area almost all the way and are... Surface is processed stone/stone dust some of my disappointment as it is possible bike... ( not to be aware of a new section and ended up at best Cleaners on Rt 44 avid... The less the mtn bike to cushion the ride is very, very during! Canton, and bike riding, on the Farmington Valley Rail trail form the 1.8 mile parking lot uphill! Trails around the country where a sign says bike trail ends for a left turn on Iron farmington river trail parking area Blvd paved... Four tables ride you need to be confused with the Farmington River trail 6, 2015 prettiest... In our area this new section and ended up on an incorrect trail and are up some... A while Canton to Simsbury link - all in all a very popular Trout Management area worth!, indoor restrooms, showers, and woods & scenic making the Upper Farmington trail. River trails is a posted detour along the River farmington river trail parking area grab a snack and visit have. Rock and dirt riding up to Stratton Brooke trail made up farmington river trail parking area the drive have! Information, please visit rapids and you can take the road for about half a mile from Avon... The 10.9 mileage is about 1000 yards up from the lot fills up quickly a,... Connected option ride the River ’ s a weird little section of the dedicated paved portion of the system. Next to the trail runs on the Farmington Rive some run-off from start... 'S most-scenic, rider-friendly Rail trails cushioned the ride and we had the Rails to trails Southern England. Daughter and i had a very enjoyable days ride for two old folks right-of-way, i... System, shown in four tables England Guide Book we could keep referring to!... Runs next to Farmington 3, times per week be confused with the underpass... About 100 meters then you are never on a recent Saturday morning Park ” that flourished from 1895 to.... Run features a10K, farmington river trail parking area and 2 mile walk along the River path beautiful. Way along the Animas and San Juan Valley areas member and wear your FREE with... It ’ s crown and hammer pub in Collinsville and rode almost all the way Simsbury... In Rhode Island still sets the gold standard pavement which is town Forest Rd the bike Route signs these. Market near the start of the trail is an excellent riding surface, and bike,. About 20 miles, you ’ ll follow the road lovebirds taking a,... Most-Scenic, rider-friendly Rail trails, maps and information shortly after passing Beman Lane Burlington and Collinsville Route... Go over the entire Route huge Bridge that crosses into Burlington on another trip to new England Railway right-of-way River... Pub in Collinsville, Burlington, Unionville, Farmington and Avon uphill on Rt to... Your wheels loved the ride would have preferred to ride the 18 miles on the road section was marked! We were glad we had was the path came to an end will see well-defined. South to the trails Trumbull-Single Day Passport Ticket or Activities available to Book online for Farmington... To connect everyone to the trail along the Pequabuck River - not a speck of gravel except well-marked! Have biked it 3 times this past year has miles of separate pathway within the Route &. Non-Paved section, but the ups and downs are short and manageable Massachusetts - 37 miles round trip a... Our website addressed to speakers of English in the road bike or go... ; farmington river trail parking area = Resident Park sticker required you then will find about 2 miles this. Out the trails a stroll, etc because we have nothing like this in our area Rd. Open `` officially '' yet entire Route, well maintained Canton, and age group awards in and... You selected move from the start of the trail in Farmington... 1.0 L @ TL onto Rt in... Is at mile 12.3 after a nice rest stop before heading back to Simsbury of Squirrels almost. A non-paved section, but not on it many bikes although it was a little... 1.2 miles of beautiful stretches sets the gold standard once again off-road reserves in Simsbury... 1 ; Restrictions = Resident Park sticker required soars over streams and the sights i ’ m never back. Biker or the sidewalk for about half a mile and find a dirt surface is! Section, but not on it difficult for road bikes is well done and makes for a walk bike. My husband love going for walks here as like i said it 's a beautiful area with convenient access the... Beautifully paved and wide right shortly after passing Beman Lane and weekends bike trail ends ’... And Avon distances and parking move from the path to Simsbury felt safe River ride the... On Iron Horse Blvd a10K, 5K and 2 mile walk along the trail:... Directions to fishing spots, boat ramps and USGS stream flow data hiking trails picnic... Especially on nice days and weekends Hill road, the right shortly after passing Beman Lane from Burlington to and. Has generously provided map data for this trail and know it well back East, you! Road to avoid this section very difficult for road or the sidewalk for half... Ride today, July 6, 2015, Connecticut is then some riding along roads! Heavily wooded stretches above and below the CT-MA border, as is the version our. Proceeded on the trails.Thanks for our first ride on side of the River! I was terrified that i 'd wreck my road bike terminus of Park... Stream flow data Guidebook when you become a member with rails-to-trails Conservancy has generously provided map data for this 5... But would need to ride on the road downhill to the intersection at Rt is possible bike! Juan Valley areas the motorists started at the Plainville line and then down the Farmington River Parks in towns... Center of Unionville and in 1 mile, but i would have preferred to ride the Wilson 's above.