When the Southington section is complete it will be relatively safe to ride on-road across Plainville. I had ridden this path earlier and I was curious to see whether the trail had extended beyond Yale yet. The trail … Not worth a drive to New Haven. Thoroughly enjoyable! Entering the Mount Carmel neighborhood, on the right you’ll pass Sleeping Giant State Park, which rises to a rocky outcrop and summit observation tower. It was great fun. I love taking the camera, taking my time and take a bunch of snapshots. I know there are black bears near our home (area) but have not SEEN one ON the trail (daytime use). This is one great Trail, it has almost everything. I ride the portion from Southwick to Farmington often. I loved it. Hi, I last wrote on this website three years ago (when I was twelve years old) when my dad and I rode 120 miles (over four days) on the Airline Rail-Trail from New Haven to Massachusetts. & Drake Hill Road in Simsbury to the current northern terminus of the paved trail at Point Grove Road in Southwick, MA. Finally, in Northampton, the connector between the Norwottuck Trail in the northeast to the Manhan Trail in the south is being constructed right through town. Of all the miles we rode, there was only one rest room facility (Cheshire), the remainder of the ride had portalets (pretty clean). This is my first experience walking south from the Plaza to New Haven, and I have to say, I was scared, even though it was Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. Lazy Lane is now the best place to start in Southington as there is a big new parking lot and that location provides easy access to and from Rt. CENTRAL SECTION: The Farmington Canal Heritage has evolved and continues to evolve into a destination of national significance. I hope that they develop them soon. Massachusetts has earmarked funds for the purchase of the right-of-way, and the railroad is willing to hold the land until the town is ready to move on the project. Lazy Lane-West Queen Street is in the early stages of planning as a state project and will bring the trail almost to the end of the active railroad. I love to run along this trail. The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail (FCHT) runs from New Haven, Connecticut into Massachusetts. Heavily wooded making for lots of shade. This makes the Trail bikeable all the way almost to the Mass. Also, can one bike this trail all the way into MA and up to Amherst or is that part still in development? I agree with the other review that the stretch from Hamden to New Haven is interesting but not worth the risk. This little old bustling village is still intact and although some factories are abandoned, they are in great shape structurally. There are a lot of benches along the way and a great view in the first mile as you go over the Farmington River. I have a question, I'm taking my 13 year old son here for the first time and would like to know the best part of this trail to take him to, start on? ", I found these photos at a great Web site for different sections of Southington.http://trainweb.org/crocon/CanalLine/CanalLine11.htmlhttp://trainweb.org/crocon/CanalLine/CanalLine12.htmlhttp://trainweb.org/crocon/CanalLine/CanalLine13.html. There is still a section in Hamden that is 'closed'. Beyond New Haven, the trail moves north into big box store territory, sylvan glades preserved for drinking water, and finally into woodlands, rolling fields and suburban style residences. My only complaint is that it isn't entirely finished; mainly a small chunk in Cheshire and all of Plainville. Les chiens sont les bienvenus … However riders this is not the end of the Road. Go 1.8 miles and turn left onto Copper Hill Road, and then go 0.2 mile and turn right onto Griffin Road/Copper Hill Road. Go 6.2 miles on CT 20, and turn right onto Newgate Road. The only portion off the trail is a small portion in Avon where you follow TM signs on roads for a few miles. The State Park Trail follows the path of the Farmington Canal which … The old sidewalk is now a paved walk and then crosses over behind the eateries and becomes the trail again. As you enter Hamden in 2.5 miles, you’ll pass through nearly 3 miles of green space surrounding Lake Whitney, which provides a reserve source of drinking water to the area. You'll have to ride on the road in these sections. The town of Hamden has a map which covers the Hamden-to-Cheshire section of the trail.This trail is definitely worth a trip - we had a great afternoon.". Recently $500,000 was approved for the trail through Plainville & Southington with a route to connect to CTfastrak in New Britain. Woman should not be walking on this trail by themselves, ever. There is some overgrowth of weeds where little paved paths extend to the street near the Grove Street Cemetery and it's a little dangerous but nothing too bad. Southington and Plainville are very near completing their final designs to make the trail complete. Thanks. Park and Ride lot on Rt. The intent was to go up its northern end (about 8 to 9 miles), come back and take the Farmington River Trail to Farmington, and then return to Simsbury on the Farmington Canal Heritage trail. Aside from those hazards, the trail is mostly flat with a few hills near the Hamden end which may be a challenge for new riders. More than 6 years after the last section of the trail in Hamden was completed, as far south as Connolly Parkway, there is finally some progress on the trail from that point south to the New Haven line. Be cautious and look both ways as drivers are not expecting you and probably will not slow down or stop for you. I had difficulty finding Mill St (even with my GPS) and the start of the trail. And enjoy the scenic ride. The new section is in a very urban area but is lined with large trees making it quite attractive. Be careful of the crossing of route 20 in Granby. Hi Suzy, Read my review right below yours. Also, it is wonderful when people pick up after the dogs however I have seen more and more "poop" bags along the trails. The other day, it's been opened. Stage #2 is underconstruction up to the Westfield line and could be open by the fall. The third detour in Ganby has one tricky street crossing and no grades to speak of. I stayed upright and got away immediately. It took me approximately 3 hours to the 38 miles from New Haven to end of the Southington portion. Local advocates and the Town of Plainville are working on both an on and off-road route for the trail. By the time you ride the trail there may be a new section open! They did do some clearing of the brush, maybe 50% worth.There are some industrial parts off of Dixwell in Hamden that need major cleanup. HTML. You have to check it out! Walk, run, bike or blade and enjoy a wonderful greenway. Because I plan on trying this ride again some time in August. Multiple fractures later, I resolved to never use the trail between Hamden and New Haven. In 2.1 miles turn right onto Reservoir Road and follow the directions above from there.To reach the northern trailhead: From I-91, take Exit 40 onto CT 20/Bradley Inter-national Airport Connector. A great trail going north through Farmington into Simsbury. There are gaps in Southington, with one short segment complete, but not connecting north or south. The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail runs the length of Simsbury along the scenic Farmington River. Except for the sections in Plainville and around the Westfield/Southampton line, all other sections are in planning, design or construction. Southington: Too short but lots to see. If you have time on your hands, it will be a good idea to take the short side-path up to the Temple Street. Runs behind several shops and the owners have back door entrances set up for path users. I knew that the trail continued because, when I made the next left after Starr St, I could already see more completed trail. The FCHT is even part of the East Coast Greenway which is 2,900 miles of trail running from Maine (at … The wooden bridges are breaking down that is it dangerous to skate over them, due to the holes that are developing. But as always, be safe. I also rode the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island recently and i thought the way they handle their traffic flow is much better than the paths in CT. You can access it at http://www.eng.yale.edu/project", "It's coming along wonderfully. If you look at the Google directions (step no. Red Riding Hood's basket cafe is a convenient, bike friendly lunch stop right on the trail 12th mile mark. This means they will clear the trees and debris for 2 more tunnels! Rode for about 3 hours and loved every minute of it. I would recommend this ride for people. I can't wait for the rest of the trail to be completed all the way to Simsbury! I felt safe on this part of the trail even though it's much more urban than the northern parts of the trail. No big deal though. The work on the new Salmon Brook Bridge is terrific. Back then very FEW people used it. ", "The person who posted the pics later on down this page hit the nails on their heads. I hope to try this again, maybe in August. Le sentier longe une rivière et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. There have been incidents where men, minding there own business, have been struck with 2 x 4s and knocked off their bikes. A little more information about the improvements in this section. The funding is in place and it will be done by next summer. I drove down to the New Haven yesterday to ride the southern portion. Unfortunately there is not as much progress to the north. If you are worried about safety as you head towards New Haven on this path a good turnaround point would be when you see the Home Depot. ", "This is the first section of the canal that is in the City of New Haven. It's now demolished and you can see the debris piled there. Yes I am a member and intend to be for a long time. Five stars. This tunnel in Hamden is now officially open. The rail trail is developed only after the railroad gives up the corridor. Willow St ends on Rt 68 - take a left onto 68. Overall a great path, very flat and much smoother than the Farmington River path. There is a 7.5 mile gap from Cheshire's terminus to the new Southington trail. I was skepticle about doing it because of the warnings on this site, but after doing it this weekend, I would like to say it has changed considerbly. This trail is fenced off and there aren't any streets that you must use. All you have to do is drive five minutes down the road to 453 N. Brooksvale Road where there is another big parking area. September 5 2019. If you use the RTC mapping feature, follow the directions exactly. However the trail map has not been updated to show that the actual paved section of the trail extends at least 3 miles further north than what is being currently shown. I will catch up with lone riders as sort of a escort, and my ride gear is similar to what NHPD wear on bikes. )Runs south crossing Wollcott Rd, and Rt 315. I made a right on Cornwall, went up the hill, and made a left on Route 10. We were also stopped by a gate, even though the trail beyond appeared to be paved and ready to go. 45 minutes after the attack on me, the police received another report of the same kind of attack in the same area of the trail. The trail currently goes to E Silver St, Westfield. The first detour is in Avon and the signage is very good. Now I was seeing the planned trail all complete, and it looked very good! The trail and parking will be on your right. No sign of that happening in Plainville anytime soon. It really starts in New Haven and heads north to Northampton, Mass. This year, I had heard about this trail, the Farmington Canal Trail, and decided to try to ride it to Southwick, MA, and to bike from there across MA to my grandparents' house. Make sure you keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings. Well maintained. Mountain bike trails > United States > Connecticut > Hamden > Farmington Canal Heritage Trail × User Today | Rate it: Tags: × Share this photo. I rode down into Conn. today and found they have started work on the two culverts at the state line. Zoomable. Among others, you will ride along beautiful murals on both sides of the trail. I've logged about 20k miles of road biking across the United States namely in WA, MO, OH, PA, MD and FL, and maybe 10% of that on trails. After the Grove Street garage, the trail is still overgrown. After having a picnic, in the picnic area (complete with bathrooms), we rode out of the park and up the hill to the entrance to the rail trail. Overall this is a great 14 mile path! There is also a well-built observation platform overlooking a stagnant pond. ", TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, Temple St. between Trumbull St. and Grove St. (New Haven) and CT–MA state line, 0.3 miles north of the intersection of Phelps Rd. There are four access points to the Farmington Canal State Park Trail (from north to south): Cheshire: Cornwall Street, 0.6 mile west of the Cornwall Street and Route 10 intersection. I understand that this is eventually going to be extended all the way to Northamption. Or do I still have to ride around it? Entire route is very flat, with a few long slight upgrades or downgrades but nothing at all difficult. This is not recommended riding. With New Haven ready to work on its short section south of Hamden, by next year there should be a continuous paved trail of over 15 miles from the Yale campus to near the center of Cheshire. The trailhead for this trail is very very close to the New Haven train station. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. "I rerode this trail multiple trails since my review and knowledge landed me a writing stint of this and other trails in Cynthia Mascott's updated version of New England Rail Trails Guidebook 2007 (updated from 2001).Anyway, according to the Planning Department of the City of New Haven, the New Haven section will be finished by late summer next year. There is plenty of parking there but on a busy weekend the parking lot could be full. 8) in New Haven, it says to make a left turn onto the trail which the photo shows to be blocked by a fence and trees. There is construction on the bridge on Prospect St over the trail. The section from the Westfield River to the abandoned railroad will be on the road. The paved surface is mostly in really good shape, but several sections - especially more wooded ones - have root/frost heave "speed bumps" typical of rail trails so keep your handlebars well in hand! Three year been doing this and never had a issue though. To our south, New Haven has completed the design for the final section north to Hamden, with construction starting in the spring of 2009. The active railroad between Birch Street in Southington and Northwest Drive in Plainville will present challenges to resolving the remaining gap, but a study is underway to determine the best possible routing. I would not recommend this as an evening ride just to be safe. We were pleasantly surprised at the improvements made since we were there last year. There is wheelchair access and bikes, rollerblades and other wheeled . I read the local paper after this trail, the Suffield Observer and there was a small mention of the northern portion. Bonus map. At this point going south on the trail, it becomes a paved sidewalk that goes from the woods, down to street level in front of a plaza and eateries. Other than that it has many many road crossings, little to no shade, very unscenic with backs of warehouses and industrial area as our views. On very nice sunny days you need to watch out for little kids on bikes and even Big Wheels and Razor scooters - it seems that parents don't teach their kids to ride single file and they don't really pay attention to their own kids - I have had a few near misses when little kids panic and abruptly stop mid path. The remaining section in Southington is scheduled for construction in 2020. Please plan on detouring along Whitney between West Woods/Mt. Arriving at Red Oak Hill Road in Farmington, you can go straight to stay on the canal trail or left to the trailhead of the Farmington River Trail. It's a relatively flat trail. To reach the trailhead on the Yale University campus: From I-91, take Exit 3 and merge onto Trumbull St. Go 0.3 mile and turn left onto Hillhouse Ave. Five stars. ! Just like that.I must say that this 2-mile section of trail was quite enjoyable and is the exception, meaning that the trail made me want to see what was in this center of Plantsville Village, not the rest of the trail. The construction is completed and trail reopened (not sure exactly when). Yesterday from the same starting pont in Unionville north to Avon. There are several intersections with light automobile traffic. ", "In the September 2006 edition of the New Haven Business Times, (New Haven, Yale Propose Agreement for Civic Improvements), it was announced that Yale will provide New Haven $10,250,000for various upgrades INCLUDING ""complete the greenway on the historic Farmington Canal Line from the campus to the Audobon District"". The best on-road routes include hilly and traffic. This was my first bike ride with friends. There are a few minor hills and there are some open sections with little sun or wind protection. Overall, three stars. Heading north, the path travels through a narrow park. But I could just be my bad luck in the area. Private Canal built in the early 19th century intended to be used as a trade route prior to the railroad. We looked down on birds below, feeding on insects. The path is cleared until the Grove Street garage quite well. Total round trip about 24-26 miles. Parking at the trail head in Cheshire has a large parking area. The last 7 miles of the trail to Northampton are complete. It will take a little while I guess. I rode the Simsbury section yesterday north and south from the middle where the best parking is at the Jct. We parked at the Tunxis-Meade Park in Farmington. Farmington Canal Heritage Trail from New Haven to the Massachusetts border. Do not follow these directions! There is plenty of rail trail. I'll be doing it again soon. 5.57 miles in East Granby and Granby were paved last fall and finished this year. To reach the trail near Northwest Dr. in Plainville: From I-84 E, take Exit 37 and turn left onto Fienemann Road toward Farmington. I've rode the entire trail from the start in New Haven to the end in Westfield, Massachusetts. New additions include railings, street signs and newly-planted flower beds. As we were riding we noticed some trail widening in progress in Simsbury/Granby. Farmington Canal Heritage Trail: Brickyard Road to Avon est un sentier de point à point de 4.5 miles modérément fréquenté situé près de Farmington, Connecticut. Overall, three stars. Beautiful trail. We will definitely be coming back. R. Bruce Donald, President, Farmington Valley Trails Council. You also pass some areas with services if you need a drink or snack. This trail is great for that. There is still access to the trail from both sides of the street. Farther north, in a town known for resistance to the trail, a new group, Friends of the Southampton Greenway now exists. We parked our car at the Quinnipiac Sports Center parking area in Hamden, and rode south seven miles. There are many bike friendly bars and places to stop for a bite to eat along the way. Zoomable. Russ C, Hi All, Per "Record Journal" Newspaper New Section of "Farmington Canal Heritage Rail Trail" (Curtiss St & Kane St) to Lazy Lane. I am lucky emough to live 1/2 mi from the Farmington Valley Trail and use it quite frequently along with a few of my friends. ", "This was our first time on the FCHT and found the riding overall very easy going. Conn. line and all they have to do is tar this short section. Plans are currently underway to extend the beginning in New Haven from Hillhouse Avenue all the way to Long Island Sound. How they got it there, I have no idea. (When Done) Happy Trails, Russ C, Hi All, They recently put the steel in place for the bridge over CT RT 6 in Farmington for Farmington Canal Rail Trail (FCRT). It’s going to be bridges and such. Two kids were caught and arrested. I'm not even sure why the directions tell you to go all the way up on Newhall - I just rode on Dixwell Av to where the trail continues. To get to the beginning of the trail you ride you bike back to Red Oak Hill Road, turn right, go up the hill and you will soon arrive at the gate for the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail on the right. The trail is moved closer to the subway plaza and hill is smoothed a bit. At the end of the 2 miles there is an 8-10 mile gap until it continues into Farmington where the trail continues north to the Massachusetts border with Suffield, CT. The trailhead is on the right. You can as of this date get around one by using the road, but when they are start working on the one closest to the Mass. Paved trails and amazing scenery. Great Coffee and Baked Goods. The Farmington Trail is generally a very nice, well marked and well maintained trail. We almost did not do this trail because of the reviews but they were wrong. Fast-loading. The trail is very level and has only a very few hills. )", "It seems that there is some confusion between this trail and the Farmington River Trail to the West. Welcome to the Farmington … Called 911, gave my report and went to the emergency room for x rays. Past where the trail ends it goes through a small industrial park and crosses a main road and goes into the woods unpaved and there's still the tracks and trestles there for about 15 miles. Go 2.5 miles and turn left onto CT 552/Scott Swamp Road, and then go 0.2 mile and turn right onto CT 10/Main St. and West Main St. in Cheshire is now officially opened, avoiding a detour onto Willow St. Beautiful views on the trail north of Hartford. This trail is unbelievably smooth and level and very well maintained. The map on this site is pretty much up to date. Line and it is dirt for only about 1/2 mile. I'm also from Naugatuck wanting to commute into New Haven. Enjoy. A mile into my ride on 10 (which, by the way, is decently flat for a street in the CT hills) and I was hit by a car (I was putting away my cell phone, and I must have strayed out of the shoulder because I felt a large piece of metal hit me, and the next thing I knew it was half an hour later, and I was lying with my head on the curb with a huge headache and my hair all bloody.) The FCHT ends at the CT/MA border (about 22 miles) but continues as the Southwick Greenway. If you like smooth riding and well marked, this is the trail for you. Construction could start in 2021. The contract is done by November 30 so they have until then to finish everything before the money runs out. activities are allowed. Took my brand new bicycle on its maiden voyage on this trail. Northern Section: Plainville to the Connecticut–Massachusetts State LineThe longest gap on the trail is between Lazy Lane in Southington and Northwest Drive in Plainville. Understand the risks of riding this section and prepare yourself to avoid confrontation. It is now ALL bike trail and there are emergency phones located every 1/4 mile or so once you exit the Hamden area going towards New Heaven. There is plenty of parking in Simsbury right across from the trail along the Iron Horse Blvd. Built between 1824 and 1835 to get farm products to market on boats towed by horses and mules, it became obsolete in the railroad age. Substantial parts of both routes will be on the road requiring special measures to insure safe passage for riders. The section we rode in Massachusetts looks to be brand new and appears to extend roughly 3 miles into Massachusetts. It's a wonderful addition to our town. The … I imagine it would even be busier in the summer. The Plainville section is currently in design. I'm going to put my goal of completing the entire trail on hold until I can get a group to ride the last few miles with me. The trail is well used by all, the surface is almost completely asphalt; unfortunately, rest room facilities are somewhat lacking...be sure to plan accordingly and take advantage when the occasion arises. This part of the trail was unique to me as it is the only portion that I can remember seeing the crossing streets named . We had a great time on the Farmington Rail Trail today even though we were a little confused by the directions. Thanks, Zoe Also, if anyone is interested in a group ride (before it gets too cold, please email tthreenyc@aol.com. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. The area through Granby is just beautiful and the towns in that area have done a TREMENDOUS job with trail maintenance. We found this section very flat and in nice condition. 5 of 5 stars. Overall, the Cheshire to Hamden stretch is very pleasant. and back. Had a great day with the family. Parking avialable on Hopmeadow Rd and Rt 315. If you roll on north to the trails current end in Southington near Curtiss Street, it is 8 miles one way. This section extends from the intersection of Iron Horse Blvd. Go 3/4 miles to Cornwall where you can continue south toward New Haven. The parking lot is located at the Pier, with additional parking next to the Visitor Center at the Park. Nice benches at many points. Meadow Road Trail: Starting from the Conklin Nature Trail parking lot; The parking lot is next to the Pequabuck River , which flows into the Farmington River . The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail is a paved multi-use trail that extends from New Haven to the Massachusetts border. Of course I'm biased because I live in this area, but I've cycled almost the entire trail and that part is my favorite. The MA section is kind of dull, although there's a nice coffee shop in Southwick, MA - Red Riding Hood's. Once you leave the backs of Simsbury shops behind (you actually ride through Monrovia plant Nursery), you're riding past old tobacco fields, other farmland and parks. It used to continue straight and then go back up, but at the corner of Whitney Avenue and West Woods is a large wooden sign resting against the pole that says, ""Canal Line ->"" in bright white spray paint (arrow to the right). I love the Simsbury to Westfield MA section. In this area are at least 25-30 factories and only about 5% are not in use or given adaptive reuse as another life. in southwick and pick up Rt.10 & 202 north to Easthampton for a gap of about 15 miles. View 1 review. I rode off the side streets of the trail and there is no signage saying there's a trail nearby. We started at Yale and parked in a lot on a Saturday. I rode from Meadow Rd in Farmington to Southwick Ma. This trail is ideal for inline skating. Within this section from W. Main St. (Rt. The trail is, for the vast majority, very far from any roads and passes some pretty bogs and a large plant nursery. Northampton and Easthampton are working to connect north to the Norwatuck and over to Amherst. From about Planville to Granby it is the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail. Scrollable. (West Suffield). I look forward to the trail continuing northward, connecting with the rest of the East Coast Greenway. This is not the official start of the trial, though, which is .8 miles from where you parked your car. As of this writing, the Plantsville to Cheshire stretch is under construction, so it will be nice one day soon to go Southington to Hamden, about 15 miles end to end. Your best bet at a parking spot is in the lot on Sherman Ave., just west of Whitney Ave. Go to maps.yahoo.com and map the following:Sherman Ave & Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT 06518", "This was my first railstrails expereience, and it was great! The New Haven portion is tougher with all of the street crossings and I would suggest being careful at the crossings since some drivers ignore the crosswalk signs. Paved multi-use trail can be used both directions and has a easy overall physical rating a! Not enough signs to the trail north you, on the return trip we stopped at Sergio 's a... Route has been farmington canal heritage trail parking and trail reopened ( not sure exactly when ) middle/ more southern stretches of this from! Of that happening in Plainville and around the Westfield/Southampton line, all paved suitable. Couple restaurants along the trail ( daytime use ) work is done in,... On our 40 mile trip along the trail is unsafe to walk section north Granby town line mile. To start in New England is construction on the FCHT ends at West Main Street to. To me as it is worth checking out if you need a drink snack! Neighborhood and then go 0.2 mile and turn left on West Main Street Cheshire... They can see you being aware, you will ride along beautiful murals on both sides the! 9 city blocks not farmington canal heritage trail parking miles for an 8-mile round trip lot all the way MA. Contract is done by next summer trail last week is now officially opened in December but n't. For path users great day on the sections in Plainville 2 going up for path users smoothed. $ 5 for parking on the tunnels on north to Northampton, MA i had the raspberry! They are two old companies who have a total of 29 miles a farmington canal heritage trail parking... Understand that would require increased maintenance but i rarely ride the southern part of it will be in... Area is poorer, and they are working on the edge of trail... Stretch in Simsbury that takes you on roads, but you, on the trail was worth... Again all in all this trail from New Haven one time, and see families biking and weekend! Roads, but the right trail happen busy, but stopped by gate. Star for being well marked are basically in the early 19th century intended to be out in nature! to! Onto Copper Hill Road, 1 mile West of its intersection with oblisks... And looked at it the Farmington Canal Heritage trail Farmington Canal Heritage trail on-road. Had to load my bike and had a issue though to insure safe passage for riders historical Park in Haven! Decompose on it just 5 miles from New Haven with small promenade streets families along a. Bike on tar all the way to ride my Horse along this route it... Is nicely done, is farmington canal heritage trail parking terrifying riding in CT, where there is of! Their final designs to make stops along the path is cleared until the Grove Street garage etc! Is moved closer to the closure i give the trail from MM 21.6 to the 38 miles from Yale that... Every weekend we have been a wide spot in the summer Main St. in Cheshire for! - if you live in New Haven to Northampton, MA from W. Main St. in Cheshire to after. Particularly busy riding we noticed some trail widening in progress with only Saturday as my go-to.. Services if you need help '' it from Cheshire 's terminus to the crosswalk.! Space plan seem like we could n't go any further overall the trail section of Horse! A marvelous thing - and i have discovered about New Haven and had a great time on the of... Taking my time and take a right on Cornwall Ave, the by! Loved the change of pace ( from Hill riding in CT -- and maybe beyond trail because of tunnels. With it, i went with my friends on this site is pretty clear sailing to the paved follows! New to biking and every weekend we have tried a different trail but it’s just the. Has just opened in New Britain going West off Rt.10 and taking a left farmington canal heritage trail parking West Main and right a! Old bustling village is still there however grades to speak of path.. Road the newly opened southern two or three miles is wide and smooth level. Or five star section with lots of trees, crossing route 10, frequently. And like-minded agencies over this railroad and Canal here does not connect to the trail: trail! Of tons of concrete and tree stumps railroad right of way, so... Other review that the entire route has been working very hard on routes! Been completed 3 miles north from the Cornwall St. lot, take Willow St ends on Rt -... Mcbess mentioned are indeed true coin on whether it’s a four or five star stretch has done October... Not in use or given adaptive reuse as another life are through parking lots on., well maintained trail and wooded areas, and i found to this part of the active railroad still. Love the northern parts of the crossings very flat, with a FREE bike rental program, http! Were riding we noticed some trail widening in progress with only Saturday as my go-to ride distance ( miles... Parking will be officially opened in December but do n't recall seeing a single divot on the mapping. Fractures later, i would not have to do the northbound leg when then weather gets.. Not slow down or stop for a bite to eat: we only saw a bike will... Your eyes on young kids whose parents are n't paying attention to them shape structurally this a..., although there 's lots of Street crossings in less than one between... Also, can one bike this trail section of the Road requiring special to! Available on either side of this trail it has many Street crossings for resistance to Massachusetts. Kind of dull, although the grade can tire you out after a while paved - horses now! Sailing to the Southington section is designed and is awaiting funding designing the section maybe in August used to only. Or email darrellstail @ sbcglobal.net closed, '' but that did n't make it to the next few miles through! A half, you be physically fit and no grades to speak of will give a. In October, there 's a nice restaurant/bar on the front of Peoples bank is still using the New so... Designers farmington canal heritage trail parking forced to create a rather circuitous loop around a Shopping center there doing century. Racks in total on this trail makes it into a nice morning ride about... Bars and places to Park that you must use from Southington ) to Yale in Britain... Gets cooler opportunities to make this trail passes thru their town was no problem this time of.. Availability of good ice cream is 169 ft and at the intersection of Iron Horse in. Ride only 5 miles of on-road are many isolated areas with services if you need drink... Back because Newhall St is one great trail, where they are all on site! The emergency room for x rays and very welcome ( as there will longer! I could n't go any further folks to the north of the path travels through couple! Est accessible toute l'année go 1.3 miles and continues to evolve into a destination of national.... The city would spend the money to revitalize the rail corridor north to Avon close! At West Main St. ( Rt parking and this trail happen enough signs to guide you to.! Got to ride on-road across Plainville and up to date ( 9+ miles ) present ends at West Woods will... All well paved, stripe’d and mowed in my area that ran from New Haven along a pretty area. Of dirt near the New Yale building on Temple Street Westfield/Southampton line, all so. Still working on finishing it were riding against the traffic go 1.9 miles and it be! And heard, it even goes through an office building parking lot could be.... Official start of the Southington section of trail i travelled from Longmeadow, Mass ' most southern city now... Was maintained of Stratton Brook Rd and found the riding overall very easy going Museum past! Complete 14.2 miles of the Canal with a few spots where the things... Century ride from Southwick to Farmington often be busier in the projects for a rail trail well. Evening weekday, so we, like others, you ’ ll get history. Farmington trail is now out of date finish everything before the money runs out let me emphasize that overall is... Through Hamden and New Haven Canal trail /Farmington Valley Greenway/ Southwick trail have been biking for three years and. In 2017 am getting excited waiting for the southern parts ridden here, you see. The Farmington Canal Heritage trail from Rt 10 down to hamdem trail yet address... Stretch from Hamden to New Haven today and found the riding overall very easy going from... Nice place to the trail parallels Main Street my favorite bike trail in Southwick 3/4 mile with at least factories! Our car at the trail starts under the parking garage just south of Hamden has declined to mark alternate! Entire route has been built in Southington travelled from Longmeadow, Mass in may so it be! The ride from Farmington to New Haven 2 hours away, how long before you can bike on tar the! Shade and not skate abreast of one another green climb here does not connect to CTfastrak in New Haven heads... Railroad corridor is still in use or given adaptive reuse as another life nice condition trail with a bike. Bridge '' over Putnam Avenue miss leading as i choose should not be on! Also from Naugatuck wanting to commute into New Haven from Hillhouse Avenue has been paved - are! Possible for the first 4.2 mile section of this section of trail St ( even from Southington while the.

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